animal feeds, fertilisers, grains, etc.

“Revision and optimisation of the existing installation saw production increase by 25%””

VOSSIUS AGRI is a family business specialised in animal feeds, fertilisers, grains and related products. They have been active in the sector since 1988 and are constantly expanding to offer their customers more comfort and quality.


They have grown from a small company with very limited storage to a large company processing many tonnes of animal feeds, fertilisers and others. The growth saw volume capacity increase, but the controls were still manual and had not been updated since the time the company was a start-up. Movement of everything, from dumping pits to the various silos, or between the silos themselves, was done manually.

Because of this, someone was always busy operating the countless buttons to control the various conveyor belts, lifts, slides and valves, as well as to visually monitor the states of all the components continually using lamps.

Even when loading the truck, there was movement between weighing the loading silo and its operation, which was located in another building.

The greatest danger existed in the mixing of products. If products were mixed, this had an enormous financial impact since these products subsequently had to be marketed as B-stock in order to be sold.


Thanks to our robotisation, Vossius now enjoys the following benefits:

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